Tuesday, January 5, 2010


“The Inheritance” Bible Study by Beth Moore ~ Nine week study – Begins January 14th!!!!

This is a little different than any of the other Beth Moore studies we have done. It does not have a study guide (no structured homework) but just a viewer’s guide ($10.00 - which you can pay for the first Thursday of the bible study). Even without a Beth Moore study guide, The Inheritance has so much to offer us. Beth will take us from Genesis to Revelation to learn what the Word has to teach us regarding “The Inheritance.” I am really getting excited to see what God will reveal to each of us.

I believe that some ladies that would not normally have the time to devote to the full study with homework will be able to be involved with this one. If you have a friend that you would like to encourage their involvement with a Beth Moore Bible study, this is a good one since it can fit into even the busiest schedule…and we all know how busy this season can be.

*Child Care is provided ~ Praise the Lawd!
*Coming straight from work? We're providing food
*Dynamic Praise & Worship!

See ya Jan 14th @ 6:30p in the Avenue Worship Center!!!
P.S. ~ Invite a friend!

Honored to serve you,