Saturday, January 23, 2010

A valuable Inheritance

Before this study began, I was watching TV and an ad flashed before my eyes, that sparked my curiosity and interest. “You could have unclaimed money somewhere in your history, and for a small fee, we are willing to locate that money for you!” the ad boasted. Following that promise, different people came on screen accounting that they had used this service and received sums up to hundred’s of thousands of dollars from long lost relatives, random accounts, and unclaimed money in banks, vaults and lawyers offices across the globe.
Naturally, because I’m a skeptic in about everything, I shut the TV off thinking, “what a scam.” However I caught myself, the entire day, wondering what I would do, if I had an unclaimed fortune somewhere. My imagination built upon itself again and again thinking I could possibly buy that house, we’ve been saving for, or hey, maybe I’ll just go on a crazy shopping spree, or I’d finally be able to give to all the people I’d been wanting to give to. Soon, my daydreams bored me, and days went by.

Starting this study a few weeks later, my mind began to drift back to that scene I had previously encountered. That ad was promising you a service to search for a long lost monetary inheritance. God’s word is promising you an inheritance that through faith you have already received.

So all who put their faith in Christ share the same blessing Abraham received because of his faith. Gal 3:9

This means if we believe in Christ, believe he has come to take our sins upon him, we are not only saved, we are co-heirs with him. We are united with the living God, and receive His blessings that moths, rust and thieves cannot take or destroy. And like Beth said, “We have a very wealthy father.” And indeed, He is wealthy in so much more than simply money on this earth.

I smiled a bit, after remembering my dreams over this money ad, and rested. I know where my inheritance lies, and it’s not in a bank, vault or a lawyer’s office. It’s in my Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord, I am an heiress.