Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Divine Intervention

I sometimes wonder what I will write about in the blog for TNLN all though I don’t know why because God always has a plan for me. I love all the studies we have done and I am so thankful that I started going to the ladies Thursday night group. I always get something wonderful from the group even if I didn’t finish my homework or not. Like Kim says we can go back and do it again if we need to God has a time for us. I learned the name Jonah Navigating a Life Interrupted. It made me laugh because anyone who knows my family would say that is for them a Life Interrupted.

My life was interrupted when I was 21 at the loss of my mother right before my wedding. I have had a marriage a divorce and another marriage but I truly found God during all of this. I changed churches in Memphis was baptized and became on fire for God. I know I didn’t always listen when he was talking to me and to this day I still find this to be true. Our human nature makes us want to believe we can do it ourselves when in reality you must have God in your life. This would be the start of my life interrupted.

I think about how we ended up in Fl. We moved to Fl through some friends it was not planned out by us. We came for a visit and left after a week went to Memphis had a yard sale closed our business and moved to FL. We have now been here for 16 years. In 16 years we have moved over 10 times. We had the loss of jobs, injuries to me from a car accident. Yes my life changed forever as did my family but we were alive. When you hear you must take it easy not over do you have these limitations for the rest of your life. You now have a condition that there is no cure for but I say by His stripes I am healed. The Dr.’s say positive thinking will help you a lot but in the mean time you must do everything we say and hopefully you will live a good life. Limitations must be followed take the medications, exercise in the way we show you. Life interrupted … I think God is still speaking to me to me but I am not always listening to him.

I looked at week 1 I didn’t get through with all my homework but then Kim says even if you didn’t finish it you can go back and do it whenever. You will get something from it no matter when you read it. I think often this is how life is sometimes you miss part of it but if you slow down and stop and listen you will get what it was God was trying to show you. So an interruption can be a challenge but in the end there is a reward. Whenever you let Jesus take over you get rewarded but our human nature seems to be yes I know God but and it is that but…. that leads us into trouble at times.

So in my lifetime I have dealt with both happiness and sadness. Life and death my marriage started out with sadness due to the loss of my mom and it was a hard battle for us challenges, interruptions. Raising a family trying to listen to God but finding ourselves not always doing what we knew he wanted us to do. Life becoming interrupted due to job changes, medical and health issues, financial problems our life is Interrupted. This study really draws into me. Am I really listening to God or am I just running from him most of the time.

When I saw the week 2 was about Jonah running I thought wow I have been there. We stopped and listened finally after Mark took a job that was the lowest pay he has ever had. It was hard physical labor for very little money. Then God said are you listening now you can have the job you were wanting once the interruption came and you returned to me and listened. Mark was hired in with the temporary staffing company for the job. He was promoted within 2 weeks. Then another promotion they realized he had more than just a staff person. He had another department request him and move him up the ladder. He was told you will get hired permanently into the company. Then we had to wait and Mark became frustrated at one time even looked at other jobs. We both knew this is where God wanted him right now. Then it happened he was hired in and the benefits kicked in. Great health insurance covers everything which is amazing. We all needed things done but the cost of medical was hard for us. The savings we get now is wonderful. His hours lowered down for better pay. Yes our Life had been interrupted but for a good reason it was just hard to see it at the time. We did get an interruption with this promotion pay period is only 2 times a month. Of course his hiring in caused us to have to wait 2 weeks for a pay check when we had been used to every week this was not in the budget but we did get through it and pay day is this Tuesday. We called companies and changed our billing dates and it is working out well.

The one thing that interrupts my life personally is a person God has in my life. She is sweet but also very depressing at the same time. She suffers from mental issues yet God puts her in my life. I have tried to run and hide from her but he puts her back in my life. She wants to be my friend no matter what. We had one riff but that too passed. She calls me when she needs advice or when she needs someone to listen she is a complainer a lot and very negative at times. After spending time with her I become negative too so I try to step back for awhile but then God brings and interruption and I know it means I must call or visit her. She has been struggling with a decision to run from her church a new pastor, changes and not being happy. She called me the first week of class and tells me she was watching Joyce and she said stop and act like a Christian quit your complaining about how bad your life is put on a smile and share God with someone. That no matter where you are God has you there to show someone God’s love even if the person claims they are a Christian maybe their life has been interrupted. She asked me do you think this was for me. I said yes I do. Then at class that night I hear God puts you somewhere because you might be the one person who can share with them his love. It may seem like life is full of interruptions to you. You being somewhere at a certain time can change a life of another. This was like a conformation for me to her you need to stay where you are. I called her up and said I have a word for you. It was just what we both needed to hear. It showed me that God has me in a place even if I am trying to run the interruption is to cause me to stop and take notice to where I am and what I am doing with my life and if I have God in it or am I running on my own full of confusion and sin. When we are interrupted it is to give us a prospective on where we are and where we are going with God or against him. The next time your Life is interrupted breathe it in because at the end of a day God is waiting for you…….